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C&B Systems is a specialist contract furnishing company. We assist with the design, manufacture, distribution and installation of products. C&B Systems link sanitary ware assemblies together in a safe way, conforming to legal requirements. C&B Systems has an eye for detail to ensure that the company takes care of all our clients, delivering on time and on budget.

 C&B Systems design and provide improved products by using higher specification materials incorporating fewer parts for all commercial market sectors. This can provide improved medical and clinical products with a cost effective answer to maintenance. This has been achieved by working closely with Trusts, Contractors, Architects, and suppliers. C&B Systems research what other countries do in order to ensure that the Company has a broad knowledge base. Safe water delivery and disposal is key.

C&B Systems provide design support, project drawings complete with Operation and Maintenance manuals to support the project delivery and the FM requirements.

Using the long history and success of C&B Systems,  C&B are able to work directly with manufacturers of taps, sanitary ware and throughout the plumbing industry, providing some of the most competitive prices. C&B Systems supply and install washrooms, changing Rooms and products in market sectors such as schools, hospitals, leisure centres, hotels, office interiors, airports, stations, shipping and recently, large private housing washroom areas.


1. C&B establish a practice of design improvement, by ensuring that C&B fully understand the material science of different materials within products and by establishing good relationships with key suppliers to  make sure that there is a  continual process of product improvement within the HTM, HBN, WRAS, NICE, BS and EN protocols.

Key supplier agreements exist with:

Healthcare/Hospital Specific Comment: There are currently only 3 manufacturers with pottery products that suit a total hospital criteria. All options are available to C&B, some with design benefits where manufacturers alter the product to suit our requirement while maintaining price. This offers big advantages to the client. Some manufacturers will enable C&B to stay outside of the distribution merchant system, enabling C&B to achieve a price benefit.

2. C&B aim to ensure that as much research as possible from work in progress is gained from NHS trusts, infectious controls departments, ward sisters, surgeons, facility managers, manual handling and our own installers.

3. C&B work to bridge the gap between an NHS trust who believes all materials and products being supplied to a hospital have been researched out and the manufacturer who believes the hospital knows what it is asking for.

4. With PPS/IPS/CPS systems there are many associated products that need to be considered when working with the 3 major hospital coding systems. These affect room use and size.

                   •Grab rails

                   •C&B supply and install

                   •Cabinets and work tops

                   •C&B have a technical and colour liaison with a work top and cabinet company. This enables compatibility between the IPS/PPS/CPS                       and cabinet colours.

                   •HTM 00-02 and HTM 00-03 room spacing/group 3 products

                   •Toilet roll holders, etc.


5.Note: Although C&B work with many varied sanitary ware suppliers it is important that components are compatible with each other and suitable for IPS/PPS/CPS (not wall fixing). They must work as an assembly and pass the water in accordance with healthcare requirements. The water needs to exit the taps as a soft column and land in the basin without any splashing. The assemblies must also pass the required weight test.



C&B Systems designs, manufactures and installs water based hospital product assemblies mainly pre-plumbed within the factory. The system is known as PPS Mediserve, the generic trade name is IPS or CPS and contains a programme of continuous design improvement. Improvement to clinical and medical performance includes using fewer parts of higher specification.


1. To stay up to date with current and ongoing guidelines: HTM, HBN, HGN, WRAS, TMV3, BS, EN schemes, infectious controls and manual handling. Also to take account of discussion documents and DHS directives. Weight test all assemblies - both the Scottish and English versions, which can be different and contain leading development subjects.

2. Take into account the materials being used, the clinical/medical issues putting the hospital use as the major influence.

• Does the product that C&B supplies reduce the chance of infection?

• How does the water enter the product? How does it exit?

• If one section of the HTM conflicts with another, then re-look at what is the most important element and go for that.

3. Designing in improvements and reducing the cost.

4. To look equally at all aspects of the assembly to assure compatibility of parts (does the water splash?). Our aim is to ignore standard ‘off the shelf’ products (unless they solve a problem) and work with tailor made pieces of sanitary ware, stainless steel, brass ware, thermostatic valves, etc. and ensure that they exceed the guidelines set down by out of date historic documents.



The system enables basins, toilets, showers, baths, scrub up troughs, slop hoppers, janitorial units, hand rinse, birth pools, basins, ritual wash and all other forms of sanitary appliance to be pre-mounted to framed access panel sets, which offer continuity in design.

PPS Mediserve system IPS/CPS is flexible and bridges the gap between panelling and plumbing. Products, wherever possible, are factory mounted and pressure tested.



                   •C&B can either work from the client’s electronic take off for the product or from floor plans.

                   •C&B produce opening drawings, pipe hook up drawings and product loaded drawings.

                   •Once the products have been installed then C&B provide training to the O&M team and FM Managers.

C&B Systems are members of:

Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management

The institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM) is the UK’s largest specialist Institute for the Healthcare Estates Sector; devoted to developing careers, provision of education and training, and registering engineers as Eng Tech, IEng and Ceng.

Federation of Small Businesses

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is the UK’s largest campaigning pressure group promoting and protecting the interests of the self-employed and owners of small firms. Formed in 1974, it now has 200,000 members across 33 regions and 194 branches.

Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme

Accredited within the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) having demonstrated compliance with and sound management of current basic health and safety legislation.

Acclaim Accreditation

Certificate of Health & Safety Accreditation. C&B Systems has achieved the standards in health & safety competence required by Stage 1 of Appendix 4 of the Approved Code of Practice to the construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007.

ConstructionOnline - a government certification service

Certifies that C&B Systems have met pre-qualification requirements appropriate to public and private sector procurement.

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BLFA - British Laminate Fabricators Association

The BLFA has been established for over 50 years and is the only recognised trade association representing the laminate fabrication industry in the UK and promoting best working practice among specifiers and fabricators

WRAS  - Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

WRAS aims to contribute to the protection of public health by preventing contamination of public water supplies and encouraging the efficient use of water by promoting and facilitating compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Scottish Water Byelaws