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Sliding door solutions for handicapped and family cubicles are integrated into the overall concept (Image 1). Two interwoven aluminium profiles on the hinge side form a highly effective and durable finger trap protection with integrated self closing functions (Images 2 and 3).

Height adjustable support foot with collar is made entirely of stainless steel. This support is used with powder coated profiles (Image 4). Height adjustable foot made of anodised aluminium. This variant is used with anodised profiles (Image 5) Quick lock closure system made of anodised aluminium lock plate that gives the lock area extra strength and effectively prevents it coming loose. The locking wheel is extremely easy to use, making it highly suitable for children, the elderly or the handicapped. (Image 6)



Aluminium knob on the outside of the cubicle with free/occupied display. A hex socket is built in for opening the door in an emergency. Suitable for any cubicle system and design. (Image 6)





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